Marbella, 6th of October 2016. Last night in Marbella, the presentation took place for the new Spanish vodka, manufactured in El Viso del Alcor (Seville), under the name Beremot.

In the Trocadero Arena restaurant, broadcaster and presenter Pepe Da Rosa led the launch event, in which the promotor and creator of this product, José Antonio Rodríguez, introduced the project. The event was also attended by important distributors and professionals from the national restaurant sector.

Beremot Vodka is obtained from maize, a grain rich in starch, and is created only with natural ingredients. Without added sugars and distilled four times, the product is given greater purity and character, with five varieties: Original (40% Vol.), Lime (37.5% Vol.), Orange (37.5% Vol.), Strawberry (37.5% Vol.) and Coffee (37.5% Vol.).

The Beremot bottle has been designed in cosmetic glass, a material characterised for its high quality, shine and transparency. Its faceted design creates reflections of light, which form the shape of a small hippopotamus, while giving it a dynamic appearance. The design is completed with a series of accessories, such as shirts and labels, which highlight the main values of the brand: strength, nature and its wild character.

Although the first sales began at the end of July, in August its distribution in the catering channel began, and at the start of September it moved into the retail sector. Currently, Beremot is sold in Carrefour, and it will also soon be found in El Corte Inglés and other distribution chains at a national level.

In the words of José Antonio Rodríguez, head of the brand, “it is a significant personal commitment to a 100% Andalusian product, which we have taken a lot of care to create. We hope that the journey of this brand is not delayed and that we can generate more and more jobs”.

En palabras de José Antonio Rodríguez, responsable de la marca, “se trata de una importante apuesta personal por un producto 100% andaluz, al que le hemos puesto mucho cariño. Esperamos que el recorrido de esta marca no se detenga y podamos generar cada vez más puestos de empleo”.

José Antonio Rodríguez (izq.), impulsor del proyecto, junto a Javier Barnés (der.), director comercial de la marca

José Antonio Rodríguez (left), project promoter, next to Javier Barnés (right), commercial director of the brand

History of Beremot

The birth of this hippopotamus shaped vodka arises from the exploits of a renowned Russian explorer who in the mid-19th century, began one of his expeditions through unknown regions of the Asian continent.

In his pursuit of reaching the capital of the region of Tibet and finding the last specimen of the mythical animal, the “behemoth”, he crossed the mountains of the Himalayas, and rivers such as the famous Brahmaputra. In this region of sacred temples, he discovered numerous species of flora and fauna, in an imposing natural environment, recorded in his travel books.

He wanted to achieve one of his greatest finds, the last Asian hippopotamus, a mammal of imposing strength, whose species would soon move to inhabit the African continent.

Over a century later, José Antonio Rodríguez has captured the essence of this story, and with the characteristic aromas of the region, has developed this wild, bold vodka with the smooth flavours offered by its five varieties.